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Hi my name is
Safiya Shujah

I am a grade 11 student, a figure skater, and a teen self-taught baker with a true passion for baking delicious, Instagram worthy desserts. 

I started baking at the age of 12; making simple desserts such as brownies, cookies, and box mix cakes. Over the last few years (especially during the pandemic) I've had lots of time to grow and develop my skills. This led to me having the idea of using my baking for a grade 10 school project. Throughout the course of this project I researched and created cakes based on trends and designs from the decades of 1900-2020. I learned, especially though this project, that I wanted to turn my passion for baking into a business.

With lots of help and support from my friends and family I was able to start Sophisticated Sweets in March of 2022. I have already accomplished so much with my business such as earning a grant from the government of Ontario, contributing to noble causes, donating to community events, and being able to create beautiful, delicious desserts for my customers' special occasions. 

It has been such an exciting journey so far, and I cannot wait to see where this business will take me in the future. 

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