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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between layers and tiers of cake?

Simply put, layers are the individual pieces of cake; while tiers refer to several layers of cake stacked together to form one section of a cake. Tiers are often separated by colour and or size. Larger cakes, such as wedding cakes often have 2-3 tiers. Each tier can comprise of anywhere from 2-6 layers. 

Do you use box mixes or prepackaged frosting?

The very simple answer is no. It's every bakers personal choice as to whether or not they choose to do so, however, personally I believe in making my products from scratch . In addition, I pride my business on the delicious, delectable assortment of desserts I make, using high quality materials and ingredients to produce them. Furthermore, I make all of my cakes, buttercream, and fillings from scratch! 

Do you make fondant cakes?

I personally do not make fondant cakes, as I feel that it takes away from the delicious flavour of the cake itself.  I will from time to time however use small fondant decorations on cakes upon customer requests. 

Pickup and Delivery Information

Pickup information is sent after an order is placed. Delivery is optional for a fee, upon request. 

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